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Avril Lavigne:

Hi, I 'm 9, if you want to be Avril Lavigne all you need is a tie, a tank top, loose capris and a wristband and a skateboard [optional]!

Thanks to Maya for this popular idea.

Another Idea

To be Avril you could use maybe a black long-sleeve shirt, a plaid skirt, fish-net tights and black, HIGH boots.

Can't forget her ATTITUDE!!! Her attitude is pretty much just DO WHAT EVER YOU WANT!!! know this because I AM HER #1 FAN!!!!

You can also paint your nails black, let them dry and peel some of it off. And that is pretty much all you need!!!

Thanks to avril_ROCKS_219 for this addition

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Avril Lavigne

Another Idea

All u need 2 be Avril Lavigne is:

  • White Tank Top
  • Camo Cargo Pants
  • Straight Light Brown Hair
  • Black Nail Polish
  • Black Sneakers
  • Studded Bracelet or Belt
  • Skateboard or Microphone
Good Luck!

Thanks to Erika for this additional idea!

Another Idea

All you need to be Avril Lavigne is:

  • A tie (striped and solid work best)
  • A pair of baggy camo pants
  • Black nail polish (or another dark color)
  • For shoes: skater shoes work well, Etnies, Heelys, Converse, and Vans also work well.
  • Make-up: Lots of mascara, some eyeliner, and a little bit of eyeshadow right below the eyes
  • Shirt: plain tank top, if you can sew a star on it, that's Avril's sign!
  • Black bracelet (sweat band) If you do not have one cut off the top part (the elastic part) of a black sock. (it works well) and you can't tell it's a sock!
  • Hair: Buy a long wig that is light brown - if you have that color hair already awesome!
Thanks to Avril's #1 fan Elyssa for this addition!

Another Idea

Ok, to be the new and improved Avril Lavigne from the Girlfriend video, you'll need:

  • a white t-shirt with an A on the right sleeve and a stripe on the left.
  • a bright blue skirt
  • socks with 3 black stripes
  • black wirey stockings
  • dress shoes
  • 3 necklaces, any kind
  • a bracelet or watch
  • black nail polish
  • long, blond hair with 1 streak of pink
  • hair clipped back
  • 1 wristband on the right hand
or for the other outfit:
  • a blue t-shirt
  • a clip on tie
  • a watch
  • long, blond hair with 1 streak of pink
  • hair clipped back
  • black nail polish
  • really short pants or a mini skirt
  • stockings ( black wirey kind) example to the right ^
  • 3 any kinds of necklaces
  • socks with 3 black stripes
That's all!!!!

Thanks to Avril's #1 fan better than every1 else Erika for these additions!

Another Idea

To be Avril, you can wear a long blonde wig, a black shirt, a plaid skirt, fishnet tights and knee socks.

Thanks to Cindy for this addition

Another Idea

All you have to buy is:

  • A long blonde wig with a pink streak or two
  • A black hoodie with a pink rim
  • A pair of tight pants,hot pink
  • Black skater shoes
  • A mike or an EMPTY bottle of pink or black spray paint
  • Black eyeliner,mascara,or eyeshadow
  • Ggreen contact lenses {optional.}
And that's all you need to be the Avril from Girlfriend.

Thank you to Avril_lover/ pinksk8ter_punk for the new idea

Another Idea

Here's an awesome idea for an Avril Lavigne Halloween costume or just some kind of rock star costume!

All you need is:

  • Heavy Eyeliner
  • A black shirt with a cool looking tank top or if you want to be Avril Lavigne, you can go to Kohl's & buy 1 of her designer shirts called Abbey Dawn. It's her own clothing line!
  • Either baggy camo pants or skinny black jeans or baggy worn-out ripped jeans for a rugged rock star look!
  • Also, you can take a lot of black accessories like stuff from Claire's or Hot Topic. Anything that's studded or got skulls, guitars or whatever looks Rock-starrish! Also grab a tie!
  • For the finishing touch, a fake guitar or maybe even a real one to go with it! Or even a skateboard. Most of this stuff is optional.
Enjoy your Halloween costume if you use this idea!

Thanks to anonymous for this addition!

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