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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

Samara Morgan:

Put on a white dress that goes down to the floor and if you have long hair dye it black and put in front of your face. If not buy a wig.

To be "After 7 days" than put blotches of mud on your face and when someone gives you candy just look up a little and scrunch up your face. If you can't just put a load of make up on so your face looks white.

There you have it! Samara Morgan!

Thanks to Breezy Brie for this idea


I have a correction for the Samara Morgan costume, her hair is a dark brown if you don't the "After 7 days look".

Thanks to HelloKitty for this addition

Ghost of Samara Morgan

  • Get a white dress down to the floor
  • If you have long hair spray dye it black if not get a black wig that's down to your waste and make it wet
  • Get dark and light blue make-up
  • Paint your face and hands light blue
  • Take fine lines (about the size of veins) of dark blue
  • Also put this on sandals or shoes to blend with the costume

Thanks to Dogluver for this idea

Dead Samara Morgan

To look like the dead Samara Morgan paint your face like a garish tint and then take black and put like little cracks on your skin now get a gray dress and a long black wig and kinda put in your face a little bit.

White tights and black dress shoes. When you say trick or treat say it slowly and if you are prank calling your friends don't the 7 days saying!!!!

Thanks to Matthew for this idea

Another Idea

    1. Get a long white men's T-shirt or a night gown.
    2. Use lots of eye liner on your eyes.
    3. Put a black wig on and get it wet and put it in front of your face just a little.
    4. Put on black dress shoes or black sandals.

Thanks to Emily for this addition

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