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Mary Katherine Gallagher:

One year I was almost Mary-Kathrine Gallagher from Superstar. She is so hilarious!

Here's what you need:

  • White round collared shirt (short sleeve)
  • Green pin-tie around collar of shirt
  • Plaid pleated mini skirt(school-girl look)(green/blue plaid)
  • Green cardigan sweater vest
  • Little patch to go on the sweater vest that says "SM"
  • Short black hair or wig with a big red headband
  • White knee-socks
  • Black dress shoes
When you talk say something like:"My feelings would best be expressed from the Oscar-winner movie...." (which ever movie you want, then say the quote very dramatically.) When your done, pause then, jump and land on one knee (Proposing style) throw your hands in the air and say "SUPERSTAR!"

Have fun with being this hilarious character!

Thanks to *SUPERSTAR!* for this new idea.

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