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First you need a pair of pants. Pull them up high and use suspenders to help keep them up. Get a plain white shirt with no design. Either make or buy fake or real glasses frame. Get big round glasses if possible. In your pant pocket have a Band-Aid and tissue sticking out.

Thanks to an anonymous submitter for this easy idea!

Another Idea

What you need:

  • old pants
  • big round glasses
  • a tie and shirt
  • high socks
  • loafers
Wear your hair jelled back and the big glasses to wear higher than where regular glasses should be.

Wear the pants up over your belly button, so you can see the high socks.(Don't show your skin) Even if you are a girl still wearing a tie will make you even more geekie than boys.

If you are a girl,instead of wearing pants you can wear a long skirt. I got this funny idea from my 4th grade teacher who was a nerd.

Thanks to TD for this addition!

Nerd Glasses

Nerd Glasses

Includes "coke-bottle" glasses.

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