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People/Characters Halloween Costume:

Miss Texas :

  • A pageant or prom dress, torn or appeasable unattractive
  • A sash to go across your chest that reads "Miss Texas"
  • Big, obnoxious sneakers
  • Face paint
What to do:
Wear the dress, sash, and sneakers, and some really, really tacky jewelry. Black out a tooth, stuff the dress with a pillow or something else to make you look incredibly fat. Tease or rat your hair, put on a lot of make up, and basically look as trashy as you can. Presto! You're Miss Texas.

Thanks to an anonymous submitter for this different idea.

Another Idea

If you want to be the real Miss Texas do the following:

  • fix your hair gorgeous
  • wear a long pretty dress
  • wear light make-up
  • a sash with Miss Texas on it
  • a tiara and you'll win the pageant
Hey , the girl who talked trash about Miss Texas, let's see you get on a stage in front of millions of people from Texas.

Thanks to anonymous submitter for this idea.

Another Idea

If you want to be Miss Texas then simply:

  • Get a beautiful prom, pageant, or nice evening gown
  • High heels to match
  • Fix your hair very pretty and neat but make sure that you wear it down and not up
  • Put bright pink blush and eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, and bright lip stick but *VERY IMPORTANT* make sure that you don't make yourself look trashy because that is NOT what pageants are about!!!
  • Wear a sash that says “Miss Texas”
  • And finally for a really cute touch! Wear a cowgirl hat that has a tiara in front of it!
There you go you are a beautiful MISS TEXAS!
The person who talked trash about being Miss Texas clearly doesn't know the true meaning about pageants and I advise girls and ladies to NOT dress in that costume because that does not resemble a miss Texas in any way at all! A Miss Texas is graceful, beautiful, elegant, and a wonderful independent young lady.

Thanks to Lauren for this addition

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