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Chuckie Finster:

The first thng to do if you want to be Chuckie Finster is to get a cheep light blue short sleeve shirt, or if you have one that you are willing to ruin then that's ok too.

Use a stencil(stencil is opptional) to paint a planet on the shirt or you can use your artistic skill to paint one. If you would like you could also go into details and dye the end of the sleeves and the end or the head hole in the shirt red.

Then you get green shorts. if you are not origionaly redheaded then you can (not permanantly unless you want to) dye your hair red or get a wig.

You can also(optional) try to mess up your hair to make it looh like his hair.

Draw some freckles on your face. If you do not want to buy glasses frame then cut them out of cardboard and paint them purple.

Wear yellow socks and red shoes and you are the one and only Chuckie Finster!

Thanks to a Rugrats fan for this fun idea!

Another Idea

You will need a red hair wig. Buy a striped shirt and an overall of jeans and some red Converse sneakers and you are done.

Thanks to anonymous submitter for this idea.

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