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To be gangster its very simple all you have to have is ues some of you older sister or brothers baggy clothes or of course your mom or dads. Make sure there's a hood on your baggy sweater and if not get some face makeup and make it look like you were just in a fight.

Thanks to Kaitlyn for this idea!

Lady Gangsta:

To Be A Lady Gangsta:

  • Black top hat (wear the hat to the side)
  • Black trousers
  • White shirt or top
  • Black jacket (short)
  • Silver ring
  • Big diamond studs
  • Silver chain with A cross
  • Hair either down or in a side pony
Thanks to Lynne for this idea

Another Idea

Lady Gangster

Ok first you have to get an awesome shirt and ripped jeans. Oh and definitly DO NOT forget the BLINGGG!!!!!!

Hair to the side. Dont forget to wear eye liner!!! and a Black Wig....

That's it!

Thanks to anonymous submitter for these additions.

Gangster Suit  Child

Gangster Suit Child

Includes a poly/cotton woven black and white pinstripe jacket, matching pants and a black dickey with white tie. Available in child size Medium and Large. Hat sold separately. Machine gun, cigar and shoes not included.

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