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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

Forest Fairy:

What I used:

  • green pantyhose
  • black tight shorts
  • 2 metres of green fabric (cut into two long strips)
  • 1 metre of white/clear fabric
  • Random green and white ribbon/rope/pillow trim (Found a bag with enough trimmings to make a mummy costume for $5 CND at Fabricland)
  • a black shirt for underneath (to keep warm...should be allowed to get dirty from face paint)
  • face paint (i got a tube of green, some different coloured sticks and glitter sticks)
  • plastic flowers of forest origin (got mine at an "everything for a dollar" store)
  • green nail polish
  • Safety pins
  • "ouch-less" hair elastics
How I plan on putting it together:

Paint your nails green in advance. Pull the tight black shorts over the green pantyhose, and put on the black shirt. Then paint face/neck/arms/hands with the green face paint, adding cool designs/ details as your wish with the other colours. Then drape the two strips of green fabric over at a shirt, letting some ends fall down a little, and safety pin together. Touch up any exposed areas that aren't painted green.

Then for the white fabric, pinch it in the middle and safety pin it to your back (looks like wings can get creative and add wire if you want, but let it drape down for a "mysterious" effect). Then use the hair elastics to attach flowers to your hair, and other parts of your costume (use your discretion).

At any point during this, you can add the ribbon/trimming (again, using your discretion). You can spiral it, or cross it roman-style, even put in your hair as well...but don't go overboard.

Thanks to our good friend Calm for creative idea!

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