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I'm being this for Halloween this year and it's going to be sooooo cool!!!!!

First find a funky colored hair wrap and wrap your hair up.

Then get a simple or crazy colored sheet and drape it over yourself so it looks like you have really big sleeves. Tie a ribbon around your waist for a belt.

Wear a long black or funky colored skirt with some shoes.

Wear really weird glasses with big frames, lots of necklaces, rings, and bracelets. also put on a lot of make-up.

For a candy bag buy a big Styrofoam ball and cut the middle out so you can put candy in it. Paint it grays, blacks, blues, and white for a foggy effect. Do it in a swirling motion. Glue a stand under it and paint that gold. You have a crystal ball!!!!!

Thanks to an anonymous submitter for this great idea

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