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Grumpy Old Man (Men):

This is our unique and hilarious costume idea!!!

Grumpy Old Men/Man, (this can be done solo or as a two part costume we did it as a two part as I have two sons close is age but you can just do it with one person as well)

This costume takes a lot of dedication and commitment as it is all about the hair and you will be shaving your head on the top to resemble an old man who is balding.

I allowed my sons hair to grow about and inch long and when it was finally time for the costumes I shaved my sons hair completely bald starting from the front top and began moving towards the back and shaving a circle on top of their heads leaving just a ring of hair from just above their ears and straight around the backs of their heads. I then dressed them in tacky old "grandpa" clothes which we purchased at a local thrift store (anything that looks super out dated and cheesy will do) and thick black rimmed glasses with suspenders a tie and a walking cane. I then coated what was left of their hair with some Grey hair paint spray and then couldn't stop laughing, lol my boys were mini "Grumpy Old Men".

This costume takes dedication especially if its a school goer because my sons had to keep their hair this way for several days to be able to do it for their school party as well as Halloween but they simply wore a baseball hat to cover their baldness while not in costume, lol not unlike a real balding old man lol This costume got a lot of attention and won first place for best costume as well first place for most unique costume. Not to mention my son was the talk of the school and was even paraded around by his teacher to show all the other staff members who could not contain their laughter!! We had a lot of fun with this costume and my son didn't mind being the star of Halloween either!!

Thanks to Brandy, Hayl, Chanceler and Chase!

Supersoft Old Man Adult Mask

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