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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

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Pippi Longstocking:

How about everyone's favorite redhead [besides Annie]Pippi Longstocking! All you need is a crazy jumper, two mix-matched socks, brown paint for freckles [if you don't already have them], orange hair color [washable] , and pipe cleaners!

Dye your hair,and put the pipe cleaners in your braids to make them stick out!

Thanks to Pippi herself for sending this idea!

Another Pippi idea...

This year my sister was Pippi Longstocking. It was the cutest outfit!

We put her hair in braided pigtails and spray painted them red. For her face we painted freckles with brown eyeliner or just face paint.

As far as the clothes we found a blue clothed jumper with a red shirt underneath. She wore striped leggings or tights and buckle dress shoes! Last we bought a monkey to represent Mr. Nelson that sat on her shoulder. There you have it PIPPI!

Thanks to an anonymous submitter for these suggestions!

Another Idea

Here's What You'll need:

  • Jumper (of any color, i chose navy blue)
  • Red T-Shirt (Long Sleeves)
  • 2 Knee-high, crazy socks ( i used two different ones!)
  • Boots
  • A coat hanger
  • Red spray paint (optional)
Here's how you do it:

You put on the red shirt and jumper, crazy socks,and boots, then braid your hair into two braids. Carefully, put a metal wire hanger through your hair. Spray it red. This one 3 contests for me, and everyone commented it.HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Thanks to Megan for this addition

Another Idea

It was so fun!!! All you have to wear is a blue long sleeve or turtle neck. A dark blue dress with fake patches on it. A long Red wig, Braid the wig into two braided pigtails.

Use a clothes hanger inside the wig to make the pigtails stand out. Wear stripped stockings any color and old sneakers. I won 1st place with this costume!

Thanks to Jay Jay for this addition!

Another Idea

For my Pippi Longstocking idea:

    1. bright jumper with shirt underneath (white)
    2. braided pigtails with pipe cleaners (not coat hanger because you could poke someone's eye out).
    3. brown eye liner for freckles(three dots).
    4. different toe socks (argyle).
    5. Birkenstocks (clogs).
    6. optional hair ribbons.
Great for teens!!!!!! I looked sooooooo cute!!!

Thanks to anonymous submitter for this idea.

Another Idea

Oh, this was AWESOME!

All I did was buy a navy blue Jumper, a purple long sleeve shirt, stockings, and I wore some old shoes!

I got a huge number of compliments, and had so much fun! (I'm a red head, so all I did was braid my hair)

Thanks to Kaykay for this addition!

Pippi Wig

Pippi Wig

She is some kind of country bumpkin.

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