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All you need is a red and white strip shirt. Try to have nothing on it but strips. Then you need black pants it's ok if they are jeans But no shorts and try to make them plain. Next you need suspenders that are red. Then you need a black round hat. The last most important thing you need is face paint.
HOW TO PUT FACE PAINT ON: Putting face paint on is simple. Make your whole face white then put triangles under your eyes. Make a red out line around your mouth. That's really all you have to do unless you want to make more shapes on your face.
NOTICE FOR GIRLS WITH LONG HAIR: Usually girl mimes wear their hair in a bun.

Thanks to Veronica for this neat idea!!!

Another idea...

You could be a Mime. What you wear is a black and white striped shirt with a beret on you head. You wear black pants. And Voila! You're a mime. How you say trick or treat is to hold up your candy bag. You can't talk at all

Thanks to Amy for this addition.

Another idea...

  • white and red striped T-shirt (usually long but if u cant find one use a short sleeved T-shirt)
  • black vest or multi colored suspenders
  • black pants (doesn't matter what texture)
  • white gloves
  • white, black, and red make-up
  • black shoes
  • black painters hat (I cant think of the name at the moment) or bright and colorful hat
First, put the striped shirt on. Next put either the suspenders or black vest on. Then the pants, and the gloves.

Apply white make-up over face completely. Then apply black makeup under the eyes in a triangular shape like this: \/. Then draw a red frown around the mouth and color it in.

Next put the shoes on and your done. O yeah, forgot one more thing, Don't forget to charm your candy-givers by, pretending to be in a glass box, pulling a rope, climbing a latter, or stand behind a couch and pretend to go down an escalator. And thats a mime. Hope u like how it all comes together.

Thanks to Erika for this fun addition!

Another Idea

To become a mime all you need is either a white or black long sleeve shirt and a pair of black trousers. You might also need some white baby powder and black lip liner.

First, put on the clothes if possible; get some braces (suspenders) (not for your teeth!) but to attach the trousers to the shirt.

Once you’ve done all that, apply the make-up making circles or triangles underneath your eyes with the lip liner and powder your face.

Thanks to Muriel for this addition

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