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Dana Scully (X-Files):

Hi my name is Leslie and I thought of this. What you need:

  • A black or dark blue jacket
  • White out
  • Jeans or dress up pants(you can pick)
  • Wig like her hair
  • Tennis shoes
  • Wallet
  • A badge (doesn't matter what kind it is and a id card that says FBI
How you do this:
You take the white out and write FBI on the back of the jacket/then you make a id card that says FBI/age/weight/height/name/that stuff/ After that put on the costume. Next put the id card and badge in a wallet make sure it is a flip wallet. Finally go out and have fun. But you might want to tell the people who you dressed up as.

Thanks Leslie for this very neat idea!!!

Top Secret Sunglasses (4 count)

Top Secret Sunglasses (4 count)

This package contains 4 Top Secret sunglasses that are 4.75" wide.

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