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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

Football Player:

Just wear a football jersey and if you don't have one borrow it from your brother

Get a pair of football pants or a pair of spandex pants. Then if you have a football helmet wear that or just wear your hair regular.

If you want you can carry a football around with you.

If you wanted to one friend could go as a football player and the other could go as a cheerleader.

Thanks to Haylee for this idea

Another Idea

If you want to be a football player than choose your favorite team. Get a jersey or borrow one from a friend with the teams slogan.

If you can't find a shirt with the correct slogan than make a slogan to sew or glue onto the shirt. Also wear a football helmet or borrow one from a friend.

Try to find some shoulders pads and shin guards to wear under some baseball or football pants. Wear cleats or tennis-shoes, and get some washable face crayons and draw black lines under your eyes like the real players do.

Most of all, have fun with your outfit. You could even wear underpants over the football pants.


Thanks to Chandler for this addition!

Football (Red) Deluxe Bunting Infant Costume

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