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Zombie Car Hop Girl:

A car hop girl is a waitress that goes to cars to take their orders.

You will need:

    1. Collared shirt with pocket protector (black)
    2. Mini or knee length skirt (black)
    3. Eyeliner and lipstick (black)
    4. White knee high tights
    5. Fake blood.
Here is what you do:
  • Take the shirt and cut a slit in one sleeve.
  • Tear the pocket off slightly.
  • Cut holes in the skirt and the tights.
  • Put scars where some of the holes are.
  • Use the fake blood where the shirt sleeve is cut.
  • Make hair messy/puffy or put it up in a messy hair bow.
  • Put on the black lipstick.
Now you are a real zombie car hop girl!

Thanks to Ronit for this new idea.

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