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Halloween Costumes Halloween

Girl Boxer:

Here is how you make a really cute costume for Halloween! BOXER GIRL

You Need:

  • Pink/black tank top
  • Pink boxing gloves
  • Black basketball shorts
  • Pink and black bathrobe or if you can find one, pro boxing robe
  • Black High top converse, or black sneakers
  • Black/gray eye shadow
Heres how you do it:

Put on all of the clothes and shoes. Then, put on the eye shadow under your eye, so it looks like you just got hit. Put on the gloves, and use a mouth peice (optional) Finally carry around a bottled water, and pour it on your face every once in a while, so it looks like you were sweating.

*~ If you want to look like Hannah Montana when she was boxing singing I've Got Nerve, do this, but with gold and black clothes, and a blonde wig! ~*

I did this last year, and it won first place! GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN!

Thanks to Mitzi for this fun idea!

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