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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween


All you have to do is get pj's with baby stuff on it then put your hair in pigtails and with a eyeliner draw freckles on your face. Then get a baby bottle and fill it up with your favorite drink. And when you go trick-or treating act REALLY CUTE

Thanks to Shelly for this cute idea!

Another idea...

To be a baby, just wear you're pajamas, stick a bottle or a pacifier in your mouth, wear your slippers and you'll look like a baby!!!

Thanks to Peter for this submission.

Another idea...

I have an idea about how to be a baby. Find some kind of baggy pjs, buy a binki(pacifier), bring a teddy bear and wear a bonnet and there you have a baby!

Thanks to Lorraine for this idea.

Another idea...

Wear an old T-shirt of some sort and wear a big diaper like a Depends diaper.

Thanks to Felicia for this idea.

Another idea...

I thought of this the night before Halloween! O.K. I took a pair of jammies & slippers put my hair in a ponytail with a bow and then I was a baby...again!

Thanks to an anonymous submitter for this quick easy idea.

Another Idea

This is for teens. I'm 13 and this is what I'm being this year! A baby.

This is also for girls. You need to wear two piece pajammas. They should have a cute cartoon character on them. Mine are Mickey Mouse.

You should put your hair in pigtails. Use a brown eye pencil to draw freckles on your cheeks. Buy a pacifier and a baby blankie and a baby bottle. Carry these things around with you. Fill the bottle with soda or juice. I'm using Sprite. oh and you can wear tennis shoes or get bedtime slippers. I'm wearing my cute white tennis shoes.


Thanks to Sweetpea for this addition!

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