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Skater Bailer:

First you have to get pads that are all ripped up, by that I mean a whole bunch of scratches on your pads. Then you get a skateboarding helmet. You have to use white make-up to make the big crack in the helmet. After that, you have to use red make-up all in where you put the white make-up so it would blood from falling a lot.

You could do that as many times as you what to. Next you have to use black and blue make-up to make all of the bruises from falling a lot. You can do that a lot,and I mean all over your body.

You would to wear a skater shirt. For pants, you want to wear pants ripped at the knees. For a dead skater, you would do everything I just said, except you would put on white make-up all over your body to make you look dead.

Thanks to TheKebs for this creepy idea!

Zombie Skate Punk Child Large

Zombie Skate Punk Child Large


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