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Dead Prom Queen:

A torn or ripped dress and there is your costume.

Thanks to an anonymous emailer for this 'creepy' idea!

Another idea....
  • black dress
  • long black gloves
  • prom queen sash
  • crown
  • fake cuts make up to make you look dead
  • dress can be torn it is up to you hair should but half up half all messed up
Thanks to Lindsay and Michelle for this idea. <

Another Idea

Here's what you need to be a dead prom queen:

  • a pretty dress(one that you can get stained it can't be pink or red)
  • scary makeup
  • fake blood(if you can't find fake blood, red Kool Aid will work)
  • makeup that looks like blood
  • high heel shoes
  • a crown
  • a slash that says prom queen
O.K., here's how you make your dead prom queen costume.
    1. Pour the fake blood on the dress and the shoes.
    2. Put on the dress,shoes,crown,and slash.
    3. Put the make that looks like blood around your neck.
    4.Put the scary make up on.
You are now a dead prom queen! This is what I'm goon be this year and the outfit and it looks cool!

Happy spooks!

Thanks to another submitter for this creepy addition!

Another Idea

For a dead prom queen all you need is: a dress, you can find good ones that are cheap at 2nd hand stores!!

You also will need a tiara - a cheap, plastic one will do.

And a sash, this can be made by a strip of material and written in pen " Prom Queen 1985" You can write what ever year you want as this shows how long you have been dead. Tip: determine the decade by the style of gown you're wearing.

Ok. tear the dress with scissors, make it jagged once you've done that get red food colouring and stain the dress with it. Make sure that the dress is never going to be used again as a fashionable item as the food colouring doesn't come out.

You will also need long "ballgown style" gloves. Tatter them as well with the scissors. Cut off one or two fingers on the gloves and cut one shorter than the other to give it a torn look. Stain with red food colouring or dye as well.

Make up:
Powder your face so that it looks very pale. Apply lots of non-waterproof mascara (black) and dab with water to make it run. Use cherry red lipstick to finish off.

Shoes can be anything and don't need much care taken as you probably won't see them anyway . If this is not the case simply use shoes that match.

Wounds: Search the net for recipes on fake blood and fake wounds and apply on visible areas e.g. arms, neck etc...

Hope that you have fun!!!

Thanks to Tegan for these great additions!

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