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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween


My parents only let me read a little of the book IT but here's my interpretation of Pennywise!!!

You will need:

  • A fake arm, fake blood on one end (George Denbrough)
  • A normal clown outfit, but not too "happy".
  • A balloon
  • A black permanent marker
  • Makeup
Put on the clown outfit Take the marker and write "I Y DERRY!" on it. Paint scars and stuff on your face. Carry the arm around while trick-or-treating, and voila!

Thanks to Emily for this good idea

Another Idea

From the movie: Pennywise has an all wite face, a black rimmed mouth with red lips and red hair only on the right and left sides.

He also has a clown suit with blood and claw hands.

Thanks to Moco for this addition.

Clown Around Town Child Costume

Clown Around Town Child Costume

Includes: Hat, jacket with attached shirt front, bow tie and pants. Wig, nose, gloves, lollipop and shoes not included.

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