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Stressed Out Nurse:

I thought of this idea one night. I'm studying to be a nurse and since I'm a Medical Assistance already I thought it would be cool to dress up as a stress nurse. Here what you need:

  • scrub top and pants
  • a lab/ scrub jacket
  • Stethoscope
  • Red dye (something that will make it look like you have your patient's blood)
  • band-aides ( you can put them on your scrub sets or in your hair)
  • barrel of the needle( please don't use the needle itself)
  • First-Aid items (such as.. cotton balls, alcohol wipes, etc)
  • make- up ( so you can make bags under your eyes)
  • rubber gloves ( you can put red dye on them if you want to look like a "OR/ER Nurse"
What you do is wear your hair up so it looks like you are pulling your hair out. Add the band-aides, cotton balls, barrel of the needle into your hair. Also put some of these items on your scrubs too. Then you are ready to show the true overwork,and long hours nurses look like. :)

Happy Halloween,

Thanks to V. McKay for this great idea

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