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Halloween Costumes Halloween

Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble:



    1.Tie (preferably blue)
    2.Orange plain long shirt with no sleves (if has them rip them out)
    3.Black wig
Get a blue tie and long plain orange shirt and rip the ends so it looks spikey like the show and wear the tie around your neck and draw big black splotches on the shirt.

Chase after Barney yelling "Where's my fruity pebbles!"



    1) Tie
    2) Long brown shirt (no sleves)
    3) Blonde wig
    4) Bowl of fruity Pebbles (no milk )
Just rip or cut the shirt ends to make it look like the shows. Put the wig and the tie on and carry a bowl of fruity Pebbles and run away from Fred.

There ya go!

Thanks to anonymous submitter for this idea!

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