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Halloween Costumes Halloween

Goth Prom Queen:

Wear a black dress, with some pink stripes. Black, or pink sandal type things will work. A black headband. Pink stockings. And some black/pink makeup...

    Black dress with pink stripes
    Black or pink floral shoes
    Pink or black headband
    Pink stockings. (Black'll work to)
    Black or pink based makeup.
    A tiara, that's not to girly.
Remember this is supposed to be Goth, not girly.

By the way, when people give you candy, don't say thank-you, or please. When they give you candy say," Whatever. Thankyou!" (in a nice way, like imagine a goody-two-shoes saying it, in a squecky, polite voice When u say Trick-or-Treat. (well, almost...) Or I mean, when you say Can (may) I have some candy. Say ,"Give me some candy please. In a not-so girly voice. in a 'whatever' voice.

(Don't always do that. Some people like at school, are REALLY SENSITVE.)

Thanks to Americankaragirl for this terrific idea!

Goth Prom Queen Child Costume

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