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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

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Miss America's Hurt:

Hey kids! My name is Emily and I have a silly idea that you might want to be for Halloween. I'm doing this this year so try this if you want.

I know that sometimes when you see Miss America you think "Hey I want to be like her." Well that is what I thought. Also you see may see or have a sibling who broke it's arm or leg and they have crutches or a cast and sling on, and you you also know usually they get a lot of attention. Well kids here is an outfit that will give you both a Miss America and you get to use crutches and/or Sling .Here's what you'll need:

    1. A beautiful and shoes any color.
    2. A sling or crutches
    3. Black or blue make up under your eye for a black eye
That's really all you need so have fun with this outfit there is more things you can put on it like I did but I gave you the basic things. Happy Halloween!

Thanks to Emily for this clever idea!

Miss America

You Need:

  • Old used prom dress (older sis, or thrift shop)
  • Crown (over the top, inexpensive at thrift stores)
  • nice dress shoes
  • 3 inch wide white satin ribbon
  • fabric paint and stencils
  • Bouquet of Silk Red Roses
Take the ribbon and form it into a sash (make sure it fits right) and use the stencils & fabric paint to write "Miss America 20__" let it dry.

Then when you're done, put the dress on, crown, shoes and PRESTO! Miss America!. Maybe find a bouquet of silk roses. I tried this one year and I won the costume contest!

Thanks to Cassandra for this idea!

Belle Deluxe Tiara

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