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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

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Wizard of Oz Characters:


  • Red glittery shoes (or glue red glitter to a pair of shoes that you don't need)
  • A white blouse
  • A blue plaid jumper
  • A basket with a black toy dog (Toto) that you can keep your candy in too.
  • A kind of fancy pink dress
  • A wand (preferably with a star at the end)
  • White shoes
Tin Man
  • Tin foil
  • A silver hat (optional)
  • The Scare Crow
  • A baggy blue shirt
  • Baggy bage pants
  • Hay
  • Brown pants
  • Brown shirt
  • Brown temporary hair dye if it isn't brown
Put all of this stuff on. For the tin man wrap and tape the foil around the person who is the tin man. Glue the hay on the shirt and pants of the scare crow. Have fun!

Thanks to Molly for these fun ideas.

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