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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

Dead Chucky's Bride:

All you have to do is buy a wedding dress (a cheap one, get some dirt, rub it all over the dress and take some face powder put it on your face, neck, arms and wherever skin is showing.

Buy some cheap black boots (not rubber boots), get some stockings that have a design on them and then rip them in 2 places on each leg.

Put some black lipstick on, black nail polish, and go and buy a black choker and don't forget the vail! Cut a hole in it too and also put dirt all over it. This is a good way to look like Chucky's dead bride.

Thanks to Samantha for this creepy idea.

Another Idea

Bride of Chucky

You need:

  • Old v-neck Wedding dress
  • Leather jacket
  • Eye Liner,Lipstick(Black)
  • An Axe

Thanks to Danney for this addition!

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