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Marge Simpson:

  • 14’’x14” flexible thin plastic
  • Then get a bag of pillow stuffing from a sewing store or craft store
  • A hot glue gun and some glue
  • Masking tape
  • Blue Spray Paint
  • Large Red Bead Necklace
  • High Heels
  • Lime Green Dress
  • Yellow Face paint
  • Yellow Tights

Get your Mom or Dad or friend to take the plastic and put in into a cone shape around your head and make it stay in that shape with masking tape. Then take it off your head and with an adult’s help put hot glue on it and stick the pillow stuffing on it until it looks more like a beehive then a cone. Then put on raggy clothes and go into an area that is OK to get messy and paint it blue.

Marge's Hair

Marge's Dress Then go to a secondhand store or something and get a cheap lime green dress. Marge wears a tube top dress but I wouldn't recommend wearing a tube top.

You'll also need large red beads to wear as a choker necklace, yellow tights, and high heels (preferably red) and don't forget to put on yellow face makeup. (Put it on your face and neck…sorry I couldn't figure out how to get yellow arms but I no one noticed that my arms weren't yellow.

Thanks to Maeve for this detailed idea and images

Another Idea

I know how to get yellow arms for a Marge Simpson costume. I wore a tube dress, all you have to do is get a long sleeve white shirt. Get some yellow dye in any craft store for clothes, and it turns yellow.

You stay warm and it allows your tube dress to be sewed on to the shirt so it becomes one piece but still looks great. You can also dye nylons for the legs as well so the arms and legs are the same shade of yellow.

It is cheap and it works. Plus for a necklace that is the right size paint little Styrofoam balls (red) string them together. This is a great way for kids to get involved.

Thanks to Misty for this helpful addition!

Another Idea

Marge Simpson's Necklace
Here's what you need to do: color aluminum foil on both sides with a permanent red marker. Have string or a necklace and make a ball with the foil so the foil is around the string to keep it attached to the necklace.

Continue making beads (balls of foil) around the string until it is a full necklace, big enough to go around a neck. The bigger the balls the more dramatic the look.

Thanks to Donna for this great addition!

The Results!

"I just wanted to thank you for the helpful hints on your website for making the Marge Simpson costume. I turned my family into the Simpsons for our neighborhood Halloween party."

"My husband already had the appropriate “haircut” and “padding”. I’m sure my youngest son didn’t appreciate having to dress up as Maggie but we bribed him with the toy saxophone."

Thanks to Cecilia for sending along the photo of her "Simpson" family - great job!




Another Idea

Marge would be a blue bee-hive wig (no diamond), 2-inch high heels, a red circle necklace and a green dress a little above your ankles.

And that is how to make a Marge costume.


Thanks to Chelsea for this additional comment

Bart Simpson Mask

Bart Simpson Mask

Don't have a cow man!

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