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I thought of Cleopatra for Halloween this year. What you need to do for the costume is made out of:

    1) A gold or silver toga. Get someone who knows how to sew to help fit it on you. You can use a mattress sheet or design a toga if you like to design clothes.

    2) Bangles. You can find them at your local dollar store or local store in the toy department. These go about half an inch above your elbow or as high as it can go with you taking it off easily but wont fall off.

    3) Headdress. These can most likely be found in a Halloween store. Of course these go on your head.

    4) Mascara and eye liner. Ask an adult to help you put this on.

    5) Halloween makeup. It must have the gold in it for your eyes. Out it on like eye shadow. You can also ask an adult for help.

That's what I am being for Halloween. What are you?

Thanks to Jordan for this great idea!

Another Idea

Hi. My name is Jessica and I was Cleopatra one year. I took a really big white sheet and wrapped it around myself, like a tube top, leaving some extra.

Then I threw that over my shoulder and pinned it down with a really cute lion pin. I put liquid eyeliner and put it on. Then I put on blue eye shadow.

It looked really cute and I got third prize for the best Halloween costume!

Thanks to Jessica (13), from Florida, for this addition!

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