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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

Mad TV Stuart:

Another idea is Stuart from Mad TV, All you need is a pale face, use baby powder or makeup, really red blush and geeky clothes like a tucked in plaid button up shirt and straight leg jeans and blonde hair or maybe not. My brother was him last year and he looked hilarious . Remember talk in a girly voice!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Jessica for this fun idea!

Another Idea

Stuart is really WHITE like albino!!!!!! So use baby powder and REALLY pink blush. Comb your hair perfect and wear a Speedo (he does it in the show) and a plaid button up shirt and talk really girly and kick at people!!!!

Thanks to anonymous submitter for this addition.

Another Idea

This year I'm being Stuart from Mad TV, and what I did was take some HIGH khaki pants and buttoned them to about right above my belly button, then I got a real funky Hawaiian polo shirt, and buttoned it all the way up.

Then I took suspenders and put those on, now since I'm a girl, I had to go out and buy a wig, so I got a light pale wig and slicked it back, then I got some REAL pale looking make up, but NOT WHITE!

Then I took some funky red blush and made 2 HUGE circles on my checks and took a little bit of ruby red lipstick and put that on my lips. THEN just to MAKE SURE that people knew who I was, I got a HELLO sticker and put Stuart on it, and Then I made just a regular piece of paper and put LOOK WHAT I CAN DO on it, and stuck it to my back.

*IMPORTANT* Make sure you have your girly voice ready, and DON'T forget your LET ME DO IT and LOOK WHAT I CAN DO's!!

Happy Halloweeny!!

Thanks to Kelli for this addition

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