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Halloween Costumes Halloween

Barbie Doll:

Get a large box{your size} THEN paint it pink and take a cute little girl and put her in a pink skirt and put her in the box then put plastic over it {see through}. Put wheels and push her around. Got first prize!

Thanks to an anonymous submitter for this idea!

Another Idea

This is the costume I wore last year for Halloween. All you have to do is paint on your face a BIG smile and if you aren't a blonde with pretty long hair, you might want ot get a wig.

Then, you have to pick out the kind of Barbie you want ot be. I did a picnic Barbie, and I put the candy in the picnic basket! You could also be a doctor Barbie, a nurse Barbie or a plain Barbie. Then dress up like that kind of Barbie!

Thanks to another anonymous submitter for this addition.

Another Idea

Last year, four of my friends and I were Barbie dolls. This is a GREAT group idea.

I was beach Barbie, and all I did was straighten my hair (I'm blonde) and put a bikini with a cute sports jersey over it!

My friend who was BRUNETTE was still a REAL cute Barbie by being the BRUNETTE barbie and being a snow Fairy, by just wearing all white! Hey, when you want to be a Barbie it's real easy!!

Thanks to Kelli for this fun addition.

Another Idea

Here's a REALLY cute Barbie costume.

    1. Put on raspberry pink eyeshadow and black liquid eyeliner. Finish with pink-pearly lipstick. You look a bit like Barbie already!
    2. Now put on pink clothes-a pink tee that says "I'm a Barbie Girl...." and sweatpants that say" a Barbie World!" on the butt.
    3. Now say you are Barbi-lishous!
Thanks to Stephanie for this idea!

Another Idea

How to be a Barbie:

  • You need long blonde hair (if you dont have long blonde hair consider gettling a wig. Make sure it doesn't look too fake...meaning, it has to resemble perfectly straight Bbarbie hair but don't get a wig that cost too much)
  • You need to make your skin glow or look plastic. if you don't already have very tan skin then use tanning lotion.
  • Wear lots of makeup such as: pink eyeshadow, mascara, glossy pink lip stick etc.
  • Wear a really cute pink outfit with lots of sparkles and cute accesories
You may add any cute touches that you wish. Have fun being a totally fabulous Barbie.

Thanks to an anonymous submitter for this addition!

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