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Blink 182:

I thought of a great Halloween character for Blink 182 fans, my brother and I are huge Blink fans and for Halloween he's going to be Travis Barker (the drummer). Here is what you need:

A Mohawk, either your hair or a wig, your hair needs to be brown and you need blonde tips. Either wear a sleeveless famous stars & straps shirt, a sleeveless D.C. shirt and make or buy a white shirtsleeve shirt and draw a $ sign on the shirt.

Wear any type of baggy shorts. Two main accessories you will need to top off your creation , you will need two drumsticks, 8 fake, gory tattoos for your arms & neck, and a fake lip ring. Well ah!!!!! One hot Travis Barker costume!! Don't be surprised if people ask you for autographs!!!!

Thanks to Laken & Gaby for this cool idea

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Blink 182

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