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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

Morning Person:

I dressed up as this last year. Put on an old bathrobe over sweat pants and a tee shirt. Then paint face white for "cold cream". Put hair in rollers and put on a pair of old glasses with popped out lenses so you don't get sick looking through the lenses. For the finishing touch, hold an old newspaper and a coffee cup.

This costume won me 1st prize in the Halloween contest.

Thanks to Casey for this fun idea!

Or how about...

Half Awake Person:

This is a great costume idea! It's a lot like not a morning person. It's half awake person. You can put your hair in rollers. Put half of your make-up on, and wear a bathrobe and nice pants.

For your shoes wear one slipper and one dress shoe. Put dark circles under your eyes using make-up.

Put your candy in the briefcase.

Thanks to Shannon for this addition.

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