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Sailor Moon:

I have thought of an idea for anyone who is interested. Sailor Moon would be such a fun group or individual costume idea.

For dressing like Sailor Moon, the main character, you would wear a white short sleeve shirt (or a white leotard) and put a blue bandana around it.

Next make a bow out of red ribbon and safety pin it to the front where the bandana is tied. Wear a blue miniskirt and red boots (if you do not have red boots red shoes are fine too).

Take another red bow a bit smaller and safety pin/sew it to the back of the skirt. Get face paint and paint the symbol all the sailor scouts wear on their forehead and maybe put a little gem in the middle of it to make it look real.

Finally if you have blonde, long hair put your hair in long ponytails. If you do not have long, blonde hair, find a wig and make sure you put it into ponytails if it does not originally come that way.

Now you will be Sailor moon. To do this in a group activity do the same thing but change the outfits to the color of the sailor scout you are.

I hope you enjoy this costume idea!

Thanks to anonymous submitter for this great idea!

Sailor Cutie Teen Costume

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