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Halloween Costumes Halloween

Ashlee Simpson:

For Ashlee Simpson you can do the following. You will need:

  • Black or blonde wig
  • Make-up
  • Belly shirt
  • Pretend or real belly button piercing
  • A pleated mini skirt
  • Hair dye of pink blue or orange or other bright color
  • High heels
  • Purse
To get started buy a black or blonde wig. take your hair dye and dye hair streaks your hair dye color.

Then put on make-up, put on a lot of eye shadow same color as your dye in hair. Then wear a bellybutton showing shirt and wear fake belly button ring if bellybutton is not pierced if it is wear a ring in it. Wear a short pleated skirt of any color. Wear high heels and buy a purse with and initial "A" on it.

Thanks to Elle from Wisconsin for this idea

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Ashlee Simpson

Another Idea

For Ashlee Simpson:

  • A black wig with slight curls
  • A tank top or cami ( green, blue, or white)
  • A motorcycle jacket ( or a leather jacket ) any color
  • Faded denim blue jeans heals(Ashlee likes white the best)
  • Layered necklaces
  • A watch, 2 rings 1 on each hand, black nail polish
Makeup includes:
Eye shadow, mascara, powder, blush,lip gloss or lipstick( light pink is best)

Thanks to anonymous submitter for this addition.

Another Idea

    Step 1 - Buy Platinum Blond hairdye or a very light blond washable hair die *unless you plan on keeping your hair that colour*
    Step 2 - Get a quarter sleeve shirt that is tight and flirty (the reason for long sleeves is because its usually cold out)
    Step 3 - Get a fake belly button ring or if you have it pierced get a dangly sparkly one so it shows
    Step 4 - After dying your hair take a curling iron and do random pieces in loose curls, once finished spritz with a little amount of hair-spray and loosen the curls so that your hair has that curly/straight look
    Step 5 - Get matching jeans preferably white stretch pants or hiphuggers then add a cute tie up belt *the lace ones* for style
    Step 6 - You can also get a jean jacket that is loose or a leather.biker jacket and if it gets cold you can still look like Ashlee Simpson
Thanks to anonymous submitter for this addition

Another Idea

All you need to be Ashlee is.............

  • long blonde curly wig
  • shrunken blazer
  • long sleeve shirt
  • skinny jeans
  • black pumps
Or to be Ashlee as Roxy from CHICAGO you will need.....
  • slick hair back into a tight bun
  • black dress with open back
  • suit jacket
  • silver pumps
Thanks to Miissy for these ideas

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