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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

Little Miss Lollipop:

What you'll need:

  • Pink Hair Dye
  • Small Curlers
  • A Large Lollipop (can be fake or real candy, and you can get it from 'The Chocolate Factory').
  • A short white dress, or white and red
  • Red Lipstick and red blush
  • Bows (red, white, black or pink. Small!)
  • White Dress Shoes
What you need to do is dye your hair pink (with adults/parents permission), and get an adult to curl very small bouncy curls at the bottom of your hair. No where but the bottom.

Then you put on the red lipstick, only your lips, and then put a circular amount of blush on your cheeks. Make sure the blush makes an oval shape on your cheek.

After that, clip a red, black, white or pink bow on each side of your hair at the top. Put on your dress, put on your white shoes, add any further decorations and your set, lollipop in hand!

Thanks to Jessica for this fun idea.

Shirley Dimples Dress Child Costume

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