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Headless Horseman:

This is a great Halloween costume, the best I've ever had. A Headless Horseman!

For this costume I wore all black. I wore a cape, and attached it to a plastic margarine bowl that I'd painted red and bloody.

I also attached the margarine bowl to the top of my head, to look like my neck (one of the best features of this costume is that it made me really, really tall).

I bought a mask of a scarred face, and put that around a balloon. I put a wig on top of the balloon, and carried it around while I was trick or treating.

I carried a fake sword in my other hand, and voilĂ ! I became the Headless Horseman!

Thanks to Annalise for this great idea!

Another Idea

Headless Horseman:

To make a great headless horsemen follow these easy steps:

  • Get a large shirt, box and fake blood
  • Cut the box to covor your head but leave holes for you to see and for your arms
  • Covor the box with a shirt that fits
  • Paint the "neck" of the box with fake blood (if the shirt has a collar, paint that too)
To make a head basket for candy follow these steps:
  • Get a balloon
  • Make paper mache
  • Cover the balloon with the paper mache about 7 or 8 coats
  • Wait for it to dry
  • Paint it like a head
There you have it, a creepy costume for cheap.

Thanks to Dennis, age 12 from Albuquerque NM for these ideas!

Headless Horseman Child Costume

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