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Cut up some old black or gray sweat pants by making zigzag cuts on the bottom of the legs and on the waist.First cut the legs till like a little in between the knee and the ankle then make the zigzag cut. Get a bandanna to put on your head. Find an old turtleneck shirt and do the same thing .Cut off the sleeves in between the elbow and wrist. Then cut it zigzag on the sleeves,waist, and maybe the neck.Add red stripes for a more Pirate look. then pin a small parrot beanie baby on your shoulder.

Thanks to Alexa (10) for this great idea!

Another idea

You can get most of the clothing you'll need at your local thrift store. You need a white shirt, cut it at the elbow. Then get some plain black or brown knickers. You can cut these or leave them alone. Then you need lots and lots of scarfs. One around your waist, one around your head and in other various places. Also, a vest might be a nice touch. You might want to get a belt and wrap it over one arm and under the other.

Here you can stick your "gun", sword and any thing else you might need to be a pirate. Get little bracelets and scraps of cloth to weave in your hair and your "beard." You can probably get eye patches and four-cornered hats at the dollar store.

For a more Gory pirate put fake blood on the sword and put fake cuts all over your face with makeup. For the final touch, get a "parrot" or a "monkey" to tape on your shoulder. Have fun, matey!

Thanks to Sarah for this additional idea!

Another Idea...

Last year I was a pirate. I wore black sweat pants pulled up to about an inch below my knee, a white tank top, and a pirate hat.

For shoes I used black army boots and I painted a beard on my face with eyeliner. I also darkened my eyebrows with it. I put a belt on a filled a bottle with fake "rum".

Thanks to anonymous submitter for this addition.

Another Idea

Boy: Get a long dark wig and put on a pirate hat. Or, if you have short hair you could always put a bandana on and put an eye patch on. Get some ripped baggy pants (sweat pants material) and a striped shirt.

Girl: Get some loose pants, a bandana a striped tank top or T-shirt and a black vest. You could even throw on an eye patch.

There you go some great costumes to scare you neighbors.

Thanks to Kendra for these pirate ideas.

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