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Hey! This is my costume idea of a hippy!
Ok: first, get an old pair of jeans, usable white tee or tank top.

    bandana (optional)
    hair crimper (optional)
    markers (washable)
    food coloring
Take your jeans, and if they're not already flared, cut them in the bottom and insert a piece of fabric so they become flared.
Take your markers and color happy faces, flowers, peace signs, ying-yangs, whatever you can think of on your shirt and jeans. If you are a girl, crimp your hair, dye with food coloring, and add a bandana if you wish!!

Thanks to an Leigha for this 'groovy" idea!!

Another Idea

Hey, I'm Leah, and last year I dressed as a hippy.

You will need:

  • Colorful Tie-Dye Shirt
  • Jeans (Preferably flares)
  • Flower lei or fake flowers
  • Beads or Necklaces with beads
  • Sunglasses (optional)
  • Platform Shoes (optional)
Just dress in the shirt and jeans and wear the beaded necklaces, then put the lei or flowers in your hair (you should have long hair and leave it down, or get a wig from any costume shop. If the flowers won't stay in your hair get a thin banded headband or clear plastic headband to wear on your head and tuck the flowers underneath the band so they'll stay in.)

Then if you've got sunglasses, put them on your head rather than your eyes because it'll be too dark to be trick-or-treating in sunglasses, and if you've got shoes, that's great, if you don't, you won't need them because you'll probably want sensible shoes for walking and people won't notice them anyway. Then, remember to say "Make love not war," and voila! You'll have plenty of compliments by the end of the night!

Thanks Leah for this fun addition!

Another Idea

Ok I have a really cool idea for a hippy. Take some striped bell bottoms and then top with a poncho or a longish coat with fur instead of a zipper or buttons (you choose) and last top it all with a brown knit beanie covered with pins that say stuff like "save the dolphins".

You can go barefoot or have flip flops.

Thanks to monkeygirl for this addition.

Another Idea

Here's what you need for a Hippy:

  • Tye dyed pants
  • Matching shirt
  • Head band
And you are set!

Thanks to Abby for this addition

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