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Nicole Richie:

Wear a lot of mascara, blue eye shadow, light pink blush, hot pink nails and toe nails, a short shirt or tight blue jeans from Abercrombi, American Eagle or Holister, a Will Work For Shoes shirt or a Jucey tub top (can be found at Splash), pink (or any color) Uggs or high heels or thick flip flops, and a big Jucey bag.

Get a wig with pink high lights! And get a friend who is a little taller than you to be Paris!

Thanks to From Ashley [E~YA ST.LOUIS!!] for this popular idea

Another Idea...

What you need to do is for hair take streaks `n tips high light spray (at Sally Beauty Supply). Spray blonde on the top layer. When step is completed gather top layer in claw clip on the top of your head to get it out of the way.

The next step is spray red on the bottom layer. When step is finished let down top layer if you want to spice it up more lay a few tiny strands of hair on a piece of newspaper (so you don't wreck the blond)and spray on pink for a few pink streaks.

Next for clothes wear a mini skirt,a tube top and heels. For makeup line eyes with black liquid liner, wear eye shadow that matches your shirt (Nicole Richie always matches her eye shadow with her clothes) and wear frosted hot pink lip gloss.

This Halloween I'm going out as my role model Nicole.

Thanks to Courtney for this additional idea

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Another Idea

Here is an idea I had for a Nicole Richie costume.

Okay you start out with like a blonde and black mixed wig. Then you get a really short skirt and a cute low neck line shirt. Throw on a cute pair of high heels and you are good to go.

Hope you have fun being Nicole Richie for a day!!!

Thanks to JSrayelynn for this new idea.

Another Idea

Here is an idea for a Nicole Richie Costume inspired from the Simple Life 4. It's the new classy and refined Nicole, not the old trashy one.


  • Pale blue low-rise Skinny jeans that bunch up a lot at the bottom
  • a Black or Navy long tight fitting sweater that goes a little past the top of your jeans with a deep loose neckline and tight long sleeves that bunch up at your wrists
  • wear a long white tank top underneath the sweater so it can be seen underneath your sweater at the neck, and make sure it's long enough to go past the sweater so it shows a little white on your hips
  • Really High Leopard stilettos, or just Really High Yellow Stilettos
  • HUGE Oversized Sunglasses (Dior Glossy, or Dior Glossy look-a-like for 15 bucks!!)
  • Gold bangles and lots of beaded necklaces (about 4-5 necklaces should do)
  • a HUGE White Bag (one like her Chloe Silverado Bag, or her Fendi Spy bag!!)
Hair and Make-up
  • Get a wig that's a mix of blonde and brown and make sure it's really short, like the middle of your neck, if you cant find one that short, let someone help cut it so it's even. Then, if it doesn't have them already, cut really thick side bangs that taper to the length of the rest of the wig.
  • for Make-up, do REALLY THICK liquid black eyeliner on the top lid only, add some fake lashes and apply mascara. For the lips, do a nude or matte lip gloss, or a shimmery neutral color. She doesn't wear much eye shadow anymore, but if you want to wear some, put a very light, shimmery brown on the entire lid!
It's Really simple!!

Thanks to Calvin for this addition

Another Idea

Here is the new and improved Nicole Richie...not the trashy one and not the one with the bob.

Right now Nicole has fake hair about just below the breast length and now itís a reddish color.

What you need:

  • A reddish blonde color wig below the breast length.
  • Big sunglasses ( You can find huge ones at Target for like $15).
  • You can either wear a classy dress thatís form fitting not poofy.
  • Or you can wear Skinny jeans and tuck them is high black high heel boots. ( you can cut them if you want so its not all bunchy in the boot).
  • Then for a shirt you can wear a cute one that has a nice edge to it.

Wear black liquid eyeliner and were it thick! Wear fake eyelashes if you want. Wear bright red lipstick. And for eye shadow wear a light brown or a nude brown.

Hair: You can wear a huge scarf in you hair.

And there you are! Nicole Richie! Have fun!

Thanks to Cashew for his "new" idea!

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