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Male Fairy:

C'mon guys want to sparkle sometimes too. For a male fairy costume:

  • pliers
  • wire ( coat hangers or lighter)
  • long dark colored T-shirt ( with sleeves ripped off)
  • grey pants cut off to show black boots (Doc Martens are good)
  • hair product
  • stretchy material (dark/ shimmery shade)
  • brown or black eyeliner
  • fangs
Mold spiky wings and wrap material around. (put in metal clips and rips if wanna go punk).

Style hair with spikes and lots of wierd colors. Finally use eyeliner to draw swirls/"flames" around wrists and eyes.

We all know fairies aren't all cute and shimmery. Put in some fangs and you're good to go.

For males 15 and up. (if you look too young, the Goth/fairy thing doesn't work)

Thanks to Airhynn for this different idea!

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