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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

Rock Star:

Stuff you Need:

  • baggy pants
  • tight shirt that shows belly button
  • head set
  • purple hair spray
  • guitar case
Wear all of the clothes, spray a temporary purple hair spray on your hair, wear the headset, use the guitar case as your candy bag, and SING trick or treat a lot!

Thanks to Charisse for this fun idea.

Another Idea

Get a short black skirt, a sparkly gold shirt that is a little too big, black tights, and knee high boots.

Tease your hair which means comb it backwards and it looks really messy.

Put on a lot of mascara, black eyeliner, eye shadow, red lipstick, and blush.

Try to find a head microphone to wear.

And there you go.

Thanks to Libby for this additional idea!

Another Idea...

You should wear studded bracelets/necklace/belt. A fur vest with leather hip hugger jeans, a bone in your hair, sun glasses, furry platform shoes, plastic earrings, a guitar or drum sticks or keyboard, a cell phone and last but not least fake tattoos!

Thanks to Gazal for this addition.

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