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Halloween Costumes Halloween

Naruto Uzumaki:

Get an authentic Naruto jacket (can be bought from certain stores). If not, get an orange jacket, glue white wool around the collar, blue fabric around the top of the jacket just below the shoulders (the ends must be at the zipper), put on a large red circle patch on the back, draw a spiral in it, put on small white circle on the left arm, draw a spiral in it. Put a blue fabric around the bottom of the jacket.

Get a plain black T-shirt before putting on a jacket. Put on a pair of orange pants (the legs must be rolled up at above your ankles), blue sandal-boots, a Naruto Leaf Headband (can be bought from toy stores), and get a blonde spiky wig if you hair isn't blonde.

Finish it off with 6 whiskers with brown eyeliner (3 on each cheeks).

Thanks to Stan for this Naruto idea!

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