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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

Sakura Haruno:

Get a red dress with fastener on the front and knee length skirt. Cut the sides of the skirt off, use white fabric paint to paint the edges, draw a white circle on the front of the skirt and the back of the dress.

Put on a pair of black bicycle shorts before putting on a dress. Then put on a pink wig, get a Naruto Leaf Village headband (must be worn at the top of the head to make it look like a hairband), and a pair of blue sandal-boots.

Sasuke Uchiha:

Get a navy blue t-shirt with a collar 2 sizes too big. On the back, draw a Uchiha clan symbol (resembles a ping pong paddle with thin stick, red on the top half, white on the bottom half). Put on a pair of white shorts, white forearm-length wristbands with navy blue edges, wrap around your lower legs with white tape, and color the top and bottom of the tape navy blue, and put on a pair of blue sandal-boots.

Style your hair like Sasuke's and put on a Naruto Leaf Village headband.

Thanks to Stan for this interesting idea!

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