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My costume idea is the Latin singer Shakira. What you will need is a long blonde wig. (if you do not have long blonde hair already.) Than you will need to put black highlights with spray paint on either your hair or the wig.

You will next need to wear a small shirt that does not mean that much to you. You need to write SHAKIRA on the shirt.

You will than need to use some old jeans and cut holes in them to make them look like the fashion fad.

Thanks to Emily for this idea.

Another idea...

What you need to be Shakira is:

  • a blonde wig that goes to your waist
  • a small shirt that fits you tight,(then spray paint or write Shakira on it)
  • get some old jeans (and write Shakira all over them)
  • get some really cool shoes
  • add some cool accessories.
and your done!

Thanks to KoolaidKiwi for this additional idea.

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Diva Microphone Headpiece

Diva Microphone Headpiece

No Diva costume would be complete without this microphone headpiece!

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