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Hanging Person:

I haven't tried this yet... I'm going to give it a shot this year for Halloween. I think it will work pretty well.

To create the look of a person who has been hanged, first get good thick cord rope and tie it into a noose. Make sure it is big enough to get your head through! You might also, either figure out a way to make sure the noose CAN'T be tightened, or tie it in a know that will come undone if it is pulled on too hard.

Paint your face in the standard "dead" colors, pale white with black accents around the cheeks and eyes. Use black, blue and purple makeup to mark around the noose where it hits your neck. Final makeup touches would make it appear blood has oozed from the eyes, nose and mouth.

I would recommend a hood, but then you can't see where you're going! And people can't see your gruesome makeup work. :)

If you want to intensify you've been hanging for a while, get some dry leaves from the yard, crush them up and rub them into your hair and clothes for that "weather-beaten" look.

ICK! This strikes me as a really original costume... we'll see what my friends think this year!

Thanks to Gene for this very creepy idea.

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