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Beyonce Knowles:

To look like Beyonce you can get a light brown afro wig and wear a short, tight dress (make sure it's gold) and golden shoes.

Now you can look like Beyonce when she was in Austin Powers. Wear giant golden hoop earrings too.

Another idea is you can wear an orange halter or short top with a small hole in the middle, you can also wear bell bottoms (must be orange and must match) Wear giant hoop earrings and orange high heels with a light brown afro!

And one last idea is you can wear long straight brown hair. If you don't have light brown hair buy a long light brown wig that is straight. Wear a short orange dress with a golden belt. Make sure the belt is golden circles. Wear orange high heels. In any Beyonce costume wear red lipstick or lipgloss. You can wear eye shadow, mascara, and nail polish of your choice. well that's my idea.

Thanks to Veronica (10, for this fun and easy idea!

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