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Halloween Costumes Halloween

Sally - Nightmare Before Christmas:

I am going to do this this year!

    1. Buy or make a patchwork dress. Check on Ebay and in Salvation Army. If you still can't find anything that looks remotely like the dress in the movie, it may be time to make one. Just get a plain black dress and sew TONS of scraps of bright-colored fabric on!
    2. Get white-and-black striped knee socks or tights. In the movie she wears them over the tops of her shoes, but you don't have to.
    3. She wears a pair of low-heeled granny boots. Black. Easy to find at any Hot Topic, Salvation Army, or consignment shop.
    4.You will also need a bottle of red hair dye or spray-in color. Just spray the whole thing over! Her hair is long and straight.
    5. Coat your face in very light foundation and cake on the eyeliner!
    6. Draw in stitches. She has one on each side of her mouth, one on her throat, one on her left forearm, and other randomly spaced about.
    7. Slick on some deep red or deep purple lip gloss.
    8. Always keep a needle and thread with you, as Sally does!
    9. If you REALLY wanna look like you popped out of the movie, wear the black bracelets she does.

Thanks to Laura for this different idea!

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