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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

Rag Doll:

Get a blue dress or some blue trousers and T-shirt and some red and white striped socks.

Paint on your child’s face some thin black strips on the eyelids for eyebrows the with red paint, paint red lips on your child and some red circles on the cheeks for rosy cheeks

Thanks to Elliot for this new idea.

Another Idea

Here's how to be a rag doll,

  • Find an old dress, Cut holes in it
  • Find a petty coat to go underneath it
  • Braid your hair kind of messy put cute little ribbons in
  • Find some white leggings
  • Find some old penny loafers or flats or white tennis shoes
  • Get some ruffle socks
Make sure you ask your parents and don't forget...HAVE FUN!

Thanks to Bailey from Texas for this terrific idea

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