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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

Lady Pirate:

What you do:

Get a long-sleeved, short, purple, (or any dark color) dress and spray paint it with gold paint so it looks kind of like a ladder all down the front. Put on black fishnet tights. Wear knee-high black boots.

Wear a wide brown belt over the dress. Put dark purple eye-shadow on your eyes. Put your hair in a high pony-tail. Add a black eye-patch.

Grab a trick-or-treating bag and your good to go! Arrgh maties!

Thanks to Samantha for this fun idea.

Pirate Queen:

Get a very short mini skirt and make it look ragged. A pair of old shoes, a small top that ends just under your belly button, a jacket of your Dads, a pirate hat, patch, hook and fake knife.

Use black lipstick and a pink or red wig. Now you are a pirate queen!

Thanks to anonymous submitter for this idea

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