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Hey, my name is Jacob. on Halloween 2002 I went trick or treating with my freinds and I didn't have a costume so they got my plaid shirt and wrapped it around my head and got really dirty. I was actually a midgit/hobo/hindu/pirate but I was more hobo than anything. You should use the ideas i gave you. Put the plaid shirt or bandanna on your head and make your face really dirty. Try to talk like you've never been edgicated before.

Thanks to Jacob for this easy idea!

Another Idea...

Things you will need:

  • Overalls
  • Old looking shirt
  • Stick
  • Bandana
Make yourself look a little dirty. Put on the overalls (make the overalls a little loose. Put some newspaper in the bandana then tie the bandana on the stick. That's where you would put your stuff.

That's the simple instructions to being a hobo

Thanks to Ame for this addition.

Another Idea

I did this idea last year and it was HILARIOUS! What you do is get old raggedy sweat pants and rub them in dirt. Then get a pair of socks with holes in them and wear flip flops with the socks.

Get an old T-shirt and rub dirt on that too! Get a fake mustache and beard. You can find them at any costume store.

Then you get an old metal cup and write the word candy on it. Also carry around an old pillow case to dump all of your candy in. And for the final touch, sit by a stop sign near your house all night long.

Thanks to Marin for this fun idea.

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